Steven Villarino

User Experience Designer



User flow for checkout


Expedia Tablet

Expedia on iPad helps users search, plan, and book a trip. We wanted to create experiences that are beautiful and make travel easier. I worked on developing a simple and easy to use checkout experience on tablet.

View this live on the Expedia app.



I approached designing checkout by sketching ideas of how a user would compelte a traditional form, giving the user order on what part of the process they have completed. Designing for tablet allowed for more negative space and focus on the content.

User flow when a user enters traveler information.

Took a different approach with a top-down card view. The top section retains the hotel or flight information. Followed by traveler and payment cards below.

Explorations of a confirmation page when the user has completed a booking.

This concept was the strongest because of the consistency and fluidity within the app. The user can tap on the cards: Traveler information or payment information to expose the form fields.

Refined the concept and designed the wireframe. In the final version, the cards allow the users to not be overwhelmed by the amount of information needed to complete the process. The expanded cards on a tablet allows the user to feel focused and shows relevent information.

Expedia tablet was a collaborative project. The sketches and wireframe artifacts highlight the process I have done. The final visual design was done by team member, Chris A.